Standard Metallurgical Company ... The Start

Standard Metallurgical Company ... The Start

In 2010, the shareholders of SMC started to formulate the idea of an integrated steel plant located in Nigeria.

The project, located on 67 hectares of land, was divided into two phases.

Phase I, was commissioned in 2015 and consisted of the construction and installation of a Hot Rolling Mill(HRM),Induction Furnace(IF)and other facilities.Phase II, commissioned in Q3 2018, and it consisted of the construction of an Electrical Arc Furnace (EAF) and its auxiliary facilities, along with multiple turbines and power generation station of 60 MW and an Air Separation Plant (ASP)


Our mission is to deliver exceptional quality and outcomes using state of the art technology and maintain continuous growth.


To be the most reliable, innovative manufacturer and service provider in the steel industry locally and worldwide

As a valued customer we aim to provide good and on time services