Mechanical Test

Mechanical Test

Tests Implemented: Tensile Test, Bend Test, and Weight per Meter.


Five samples of rebar (each 30 cm) are cut into test specimens before being tested. If any of the five samples fails to conform to the standard, we reselect another five samples and undergo the test once again. If the error persists, investigations shall be carried out and appropriate actions shall be taken accordingly.

In addition to the Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, & Elongation of the rebar this machine can also conduct the bend test of the rebar. It is an advanced machine which calculates and prints the results automatically.


Tensile Test:

The Tensile testing machine can calculate the tensile properties of rebars with any diameter. The results should conform to the standard being used.


Bend Test:                                 

This machine also contains all the required mandrel sizes to conduct the bend test according to the required standard. The standard states that the mandrel size should vary in accordance to the diameter of the tested sample:

Mandrel Diameters for the Bend Test


    Nominal diameter (mm)

   Maximum mandrel diameter

    ≤ 16


    > 16



Weight of the Rebar

This is a 3-digit weighing scale to measure the weight of every 1 meter of rod. The results should conform to the standards as listed below:


 Nominal Diameter (mm)

 Mass/Meter (Kg)













Mechanical research
Mechanical research